8 in 1 Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker (6 Litre Capacity)

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Take the pressure off yourself at meal time!

Save time, energy and money with this fantastic 8 in 1 Multifunction Pressure Cooker. Discover what so many other food aficionados have known for years! Simply, that meals prepared properly in the power cooker taste better, cook faster and retain more natural nutrition that those prepared using conventional cooking method.

Digital pressure cooking unitizes temperatures up to 120ºC creating a more sterile and healthier environment when compared to traditional cooking methods. Cook divine fish, chicken, meat, bread, rice, soup and more. The multifunction programs gives you the options to cook your meal to your own satisfaction. It also has a function to keep food warm so you can always enjoy a hot meal.

Back-Up safety release valve:

If the temperature pressure sensor device is experiencing a malfunction, causing pressure to build up beyond maximum setting, the back-up safety release valve will automatically release the biuld-up pressure.

Lid safety device:

Prevent pressure biuld up if the lid is not closed properly and prevent lid from opening until all pressure is released.

Multifunction in quick and convenient cooking:

The electric display on your pressure cooker offers a wide range of choices including soup, porridge, steam fish, cake, etc.
Full digital controls & most importantly a safety seal system to avoid spills and burns while the unit is in use.


4 Digit LED display
Stainless steel housing
Removable pot for dishwasher cleaning
Multi function programs
Keep warm function
Automatic pressure control
Emergency release valve


Power: 240V/1000W/50Hz

Capacity: 6L
Working pressure: 0-80KPa
Dimensions (LxHxW): 32 x 32 x 37.5cm
Warm keeping temperature60~80ºC
Note: Don't store the pressure cooker with the lid locked in place as this will degrade the seal over time.



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