Intelligent Luxury Eye Massager

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Intelligent Eye Massager - Sit Back and Relax!

Lots of people experience backaches and headaches because of prolonged hours in front of a laptop or computer. One way to provide relief from backaches and headaches would be to get a massage as they support in comforting muscles and reducing pressure, however it is not always practical. An Option would be to get Intelligent Eye Massager that you simply can use at home any time you desire and save your time and money on expensive massage therapists.

The fantastic thing about Intelligent Eye Massager is that they're quite easy to operate all you have to do is start up the machine select the settings and sit back. If you can't sit still, it is portable so you can carry it about. 
Intelligent Eye Massager effectively protects eyes from near sightedness, treats eye fatigue and maintains healthy eyes.  Those that would benefit the most would be

People who suffer bags, black eye rings and eye wrinkles caused by tiredness and poor blood circulation
People who suffer from myopia, amblyopia and astigmatism
People who work with computers, straining their eyes for a long time
People who (especially the aged) suffer from insomnia, headache and presbyopia etc.

The Intelligent Eye Massager massages by pressing the temples and eye area acupuncture points to stimulate and exercise the cells and eye nerves through: 

Massage beads
Heating Massaging
Circulation stimulation based on Chinese Meridian Theory

It accelerates the metabolism, relieves eye muscle fatigue and head fatigue from extended use on computers. Symptoms from the extended use such as dizziness and head pains are treated from this device by balancing the micro-wave circulation to keep eye health and brain health at optimal levels.  This helps maintain the cells natural self-healing ability.  Aside from reducing eye fatigue near sight or weak sight, the eye massager also works as a beauty product reducing wrinkles and ageing around the eyes.  The device is embedded with soft music to increase relaxation during operation.  The eye massager uses an eyeglass design for comfort and appropriate fitting.


Massage around the eyes and head
Eight Vibration Massage Levels
Relaxing Music Selection
Variable Air Pressure Massage
Heating and Temperature Selection
Helps fatigue and headaches
Improves eye wrinkles
PG-2404G: Eye Massager
Unit size: 24.5x25x10cm LCD size: 37x45mm
Power supply:6VDC
4 x LR6 AAA batteries



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