Verterra Homecare Value Pack - Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Pack

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$24.99 for more than $40 worth of environmental cleaner for you to try out
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Anyone looking for safe and effective cleaning products then look no further than this value packed bundle of Verterra products. These products will cover all areas of your house from the kitchen to the bathroom. Verterra has developed products environmentally friendly and safe to use so that you don't suffer skin allergies and have strong anti-bacterial properties that means you get a great results when washing clothes, cleaning floors, cleaning your bathroom or kitchen, and the moisturising body bar and refreshing soap are gentle on the skin and provide an aromatic bath when using them.

So is you want confidence in the products that you use that they are safe around your children and safe for the environment then you will choose Verterra products every time to get professional and impressive results and peace of mind that your not damaging the environment in order to get clean, sparkling and superior results.

Pack includes:

Verterra Bio Wash High Concentrate Laundry Powder - 800g
Verterra Smart Step Floor Cleaner 100x Concentrate - 500ml
Verterra Smart Dish - Concentrated Eco Friendly Dish Washing Liquid with Orange oil - 500ml
Verterra Stain Away - Environmentally Friendly Fabric Stain Removal - 500ml
Verterra Smart Clean Multipurpose cleaner 6x Concentrate - Free of Harmful Chemicals - 500ml
Verterra Power Clean Bathroom Cleaner -Antibacterial and safe for skin - 500ml
Verterra Body Guard Organic Soap with Nano Silver - 85gm
Verterra Organic Kids Safe Soap with Geranium Oil - 85gm



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